Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Masse Baharuddin

To whom this may concern
The above mentioned person is of Indonesian origin, and is currently residing in Singapore.
He and one of his related companies, PT Minarit Mudharabah Investment, have outstanding debt owing to me.

I can furnish the documents detailing the outstanding debt owing to me by the abovementioned person/company upon your request, provided that you provide me with your relevant identification documents and nature of business requirement.

Please furnish me with your official contact details and I will get back to you asap.

Thank you for your kind attention.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. vidy, who are you to say that it has been removed? i am the author

  3. Vidy
    Resorting to underhand means again is it?
    Is that all that you people can do?
    If you want this post to be removed, pay up all your debts to the people that you owe money to.
    Do the honorable thing.
    If you want to borrow money from people, make sure that you pay up as you promised!

  4. Baharuddin Masse
    Passport number R 500928

  5. Address:
    #15-02 Diamond Tower
    Bayshore Park Condominium
    66 Bayshore Road

    His associates' details will be displayed in the next update.

  6. Here's wishing all true Muslim brothers all over the world a very happy joyous occasion. Many happy returns!
    As for those pretentious and hideous characters who goes around cheating, defrauding and scamming others' money, but maintaining that they are pious and God fearing (oh yes, you know who you are and you know that I am referring to you!), I curse you and your associates to eternal hell! You are the scum of the Earth, you parasites!

  7. hi, can i join you?he too owes me money? how to contact you? -lou-

  8. Lou
    You can just leave your comments here.
    My purpose of this blog is to stop him from cheating other people.
    Maybe you would like to help me alert other unsuspecting people by putting up your own blog and direct the attention of unsuspecting people to your blog as well.
    Thank you for your kind attention.

  9. Lou
    By the way, how did he cheat you?
    How much did he scam you for?
    We can lodge a report with the CAD if we can unearth enough victims.
    Thank you.

  10. hi, sorry for being ignorant, what is CAD and how to lodge report?
    is it possible to contact you via email?

  11. CAD = Commercial Affairs Department
    you can send emails to me using the following address:

  12. Dear Sirs

    I'm from Portugal and that Mr. Masse, is proposing a deal to me. A business connected with a bank guarantee.
    He is not a trustworthy person?

  13. He is the same that is related to bad checks?
    That the FBI confiscated in 2002

  14. Mr Vaz
    Whether he is a trustworthy person is a matter for you to decide.
    The fact remains: he borrowed money from me and until today, he has not returned the money which he borrowed.
    So please ask these questions:
    Is he willing to honour his words/promises?
    Is he able to honour his words/promises?
    Will you be able to reclaim your funds in the event that he defaults?
    Will you be holding any collateral against his borrowings from you?
    Is the collateral able to cover your loss in case he defaults?
    To your second question, the answers is YES, he is indeed the same person implicated in the bad checks.
    I wish you well in your dealings with him. Just be careful with your money. Make sure you are protected. I misplaced my trust in him and am regretting it terribly now. All the best to you.

  15. Lou huoji/Vidy
    So you are one and the same guy huh?
    Lou Huoji = Vidy = from the same group of scums like Masse eh?

    Why? Don't you have my email address. Just send me an email when you are ready to pay me back my money. Or better still, write your comments here.

    You bunch wants to buy something worth millions but do not want to come up with any capital? Dream on. Only fools will want to lend you scums money.

  16. Mr Vaz
    So did you close your deal with him in the end? I have been contacted by some people whom he has cheated before and has yet to return them their money. Those poor souls. They lost all their hard earned money to him. I feel so sorry for them.

  17. a man who makes empty promises is a man not to be trusted....

  18. Creditcheck, why arent you making a claim through legal recourse?

  19. Jeffrey
    Thank you for the message.
    I have checked with lawyer.
    Masse's assets are in Indonesia.
    I was advised that it will be difficult to make claims against him in Indonesia.
    Do you have any advice please?

  20. what's this? somekind of testimony contest? it`s just money for the love of god. Got any problem with that? Deal With it otherwise just suck it and move on.